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Anti-Nightmare Room Spray

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Anti-Nightmare Room Spray

Do you have kiddos that are having nightmares? Let's keep bedtime a safe space, free of nightmares and monsters. This Anti-nightmare spray is almost too easy. Give it a try! 👻


  • Glass measuring cup
  • Scale
  • Mister Bottles


  • Fragrance oil 
  • Distilled Water
  • Germall Plus Additive 


  1. Depending on how many bottles you want to make at a time, take time to figure out how large of a batch you will be making. It is important to know how many Oz of Distilled water you will be working with.
  2. You will want to measure out your Distilled Water first. I made two bottles (8oz each) of spray in this batch. I measured on my scale 16oz of Distilled Water. 
  3. Measure out your Germall Plus to add to your water, you will want to calculate 0.5% to add to your recipe. Not great at math? Do a simple google search. For mine, I added about 0.08oz Germall Plus. 
  4. Next Measure your fragrance oil. You can add up to 10% fragrance oil to your mixture. For my recipe based off using 16oz distilled water, I used 1.6oz of fragrance oil. I used the maximum amount of fragrance because I am using a lighter scent. If you are using a more potent scent, you can certainly add less fragrance. 
  5. Before you pour your magic mix into bottles, make sure to mix, mix mix! Incorporate your oil, water & Germall Plus the best you can before pouring into bottles. This will ensure all bottles smell equally fragrant. 


  • Choose a fragrance oil you love. For my recipe, I decided to use Bergamot Waters, mixed with a little bit of Apple Pumpkin Butter. This scent is perfect for Fall with a not-too-sweet aroma. The crisp notes from the Bergamot Waters mixed with the bakery notes in the Apple Pumpkin Butter complement each other great. Do you want something a little more kid-friendly? Check out our Krazy Kids Fragrance Collection and shop from our killer-fragrances. Some faves? Fruit Loops, Juicy Fruit, Galactic Grape and more! 
  • Why add Germall Plus? Germall Plus in this recipe ensures that your spray stays good for a long time. It is always a good idea to add this ingredient to water based products. We do not want any yucky bacteria to grow in your room spray and then to have that sprayed around your house and onto your surfaces. 

Try a different formula:

  • A quick search of the internet will bring you to many different room spray recipes. Some use Alcohol as the base, some will suggest witch hazel. If you want to go ahead with either of these bases instead of distilled water you can! If you choose to use 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol you do not need to worry about a preservative, but if you choose to use Witch Hazel a preservative is still recommended. 
  • Do you want to achieve an emulsified spray? One that needs little to no shaking to achieve a fully incorporated mix? Check out ingredients such as Polysorbate 20 or Polysorbate 80. This ingredient will ensure your oils and water mix together fully in your bottle. 
  • Test out different batches. It is all up to you! As long as you follow the basic rules of measurement on your ingredients (up to 10% fragrance oil, and 0.5% germall plus when using water or witch hazel) 
  • Have fun with it! Try out different scents to find your fave. 

Printable Labels:

  • Here is a free label that I made using Canva for this Anti-Nightmare Mist.
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