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Ethics Statement

At Fizz Fairy KrazyColours Inc we are committed to holding ourselves and our suppliers to the highest ethical standards. As such, this is our promise to you:

Supply Line & Child Labour
Fizz Fairy KrazyColours Inc sources our products from ethical supply lines. We require our suppliers to confirm that no minors participate in manufacturing, transportation or processing of any of their products or raw materials.  Fizz Fairy KrazyColours Inc does not deal with suppliers working in areas of the world where there have been documented child labour or other ethical transgressions.  For the transportation of our supplies and products, Fizz Fairy KrazyColours Inc only deals with major carriers who have a track record of being free of forced labour or child labour.

Animal Cruelty
Fizz Fairy KrazyColours Inc has not, and will not, test our products on animals. We will never purchase from any supplier who we know to test their products on animals or participate in any kind of cruelty towards animals. In fact, we insist that our suppliers confirm that no raw material used to create their products have been tested on animals.

Vegan Statement
All of the products we sell are 100% vegan. 

If you have any questions about our ethical standards, please contact us.