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Krazycolour Water Soluble Dye

What bath bomb or customized soap is complete without a bold spectrum of vibrant colours to choose from? Fizz Fairy & Krazycolours Inc. provides some of the most stunning FDA-approved dyes to use in your bath bomb, bubble bars, Melt and Pour soaps, and more. These professional-grade and premium water-soluble dyes for bath bombs will give you the most beautiful product on the market. No other soap-making suppliers can offer the same rich colour gradients and approved safety like Fizz Fairy's FDA-approved dyes for bath bombs and soaps. 

Krazycolours dyes are super-concentrated water-soluble cosmetic colourants. Blooming Krazycolours will change the colour, but the true colour will appear once it hits the water. Not all colours can be bloomed. 

From fuchsia pink to midnight blue, our spectrum of colours for your soap dye is endless. Design explosive colour creations or stick to classic reds, yellows, and blues. Once you choose your bath bomb, soap, or candle colour, your bath creation will be one step closer to being finished. To browse through these uniquely vibrant colours, explore our favorite FDA-approved dyes for bath bombs and soaps to find the best colour for your bath supply creation. 

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Midnight blue FDA approved water soluble dye
Krazycolours - Red No.40 Dye FDA Fizz Fairy Krazycolours- Canada
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Krazycolours - Yellow 5 FDA Fizz Fairy Krazycolours Canada
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Krazycolours - Apple Green FDA Fizz Fairy Krazycolours Canada
Krazycolours - FDA Teal Dye Fizz Fairy Krazycolours Canada
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Krazycolours Jet black water soluble dye - Fizz Fairy & Krazycolours Inc.
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