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Ghost Graveyard Candle

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Ghost Graveyard Candle

Cold weather is here- which means that it is candle season once again! Find out what resources I used to make these spooky candles. Plus- access a free printable label! 

Have you joined the Patreon community yet? This social media platform is the best way to follow some of the best makers in the game. We follow Ariane Arsenault on Patreon and saw her post a candle making guide- so we just had to use it! To get access to her full recipe and tips, you can sign up as one of her Patreons for as little as $1.50 a month. You can find her Patreon HERE

Now I wont go into great detail on how exactly I achieved perfect candles on the first try, but let me tell you Arianes easy to use guide helped me achieve fuss-free candles. I didn't have to worry about large wax sink-holes that have happened to me in the past, and I credit it all to her! 

The fragrances I chose to use for this candle were a blend of two fragrance oils- I got this idea from Jerika Zimmerman on her Youtube channel. Blending fragrances for candles can help you achieve unique and personalized scents for you to present to your customers. This was a great tip and I am so glad I blended our Pumpkin Honey Chai fragrance with our Pumpkin Apple Butter Fragrance. 

In total, these candles took me about 1 hour to make. After letting them set for 24 hours I added my final details and left them for another 24 hours before burning. These candles burned great, and make my house smell so good. For a list of Fizz Fairy products used to make these candles here it is: 

For Candle Wicks, scale and heat gun shop Amazon. 

Here for the FREE printable label? Here it is! 

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