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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is my package?

You can track your order by logging into your account and selecting the order number. If your order is still unfulfilled, please know that we are working hard to send it out as soon as we can.

If your order has been shipped, you can track it by clicking the tracking number displayed. Once the order is picked up, we are not able to see more that what is shown on tracking. For any inquiries while your package is in transit, please contact your courier.

If you need to make a claim with us for a lost package, please email sales@fizzfairy.ca

My tracking says ‘Label Created’ and has not updated since

Orders are processed at the end of each day. As soon as we create your shipment, you will receive a notification with tracking letting you know that a label has been created. Packages are picked up the following business day, and will not be scanned and updated as 'picked up' until then.

Why is my package taking an indirect route?

Couriers with less shipping hubs and vehicles can sometimes take indirect routes to get to your location, especially if your address is far from major cities.

To ensure a package reaches you as fast as possible please select one of the expedited shipping options.

What kind of shipping do I get with free shipping?

Free shipping includes the base ground option for delivery. Within Canada it is typically ICS Courier, and within USA is UPS.

I have Shipping Protection and my package was lost, stolen or damaged in transit

Please email us your details at sales@fizzfairy.ca including as many photos as possible. For damaged items, please include photos of each individual item with their labels displaying the amount of lost product. We will work diligently to replace or reimburse the lost product.

Shipping protection is a security for your parcel while it is in transit. Shipping protection ends once a parcel is succesfully delivered to your door and does not protect against theft from your property. 

Be sure to set notifications for delivery or request special delivery instructions if necessary.

I don’t have Shipping Protection and my package was lost, stolen or damaged in transit

Unfortunately, if you unselected the Shipping Protection during check-out we are unable to provide a resolution. When a parcel leaves our facility it becomes the responsibility of the courier. We can only mitigate the risk by offering Shipping Protection, in the rare case that something occurs in transit.

I have special instructions for the delivery of my parcel

If necessary to ensure a safe deilvery, you may request to leave the parcel in a hidden place or for an authorized signature on delivery by including a note with your order. 

My parcel was stolen at my door

Unfortunately, we can not replace or reimburse any shipment that was succesfully delivered by the courier, even with shipping protection. If a parcel was stolen from your property after being delivered, the best course of action is to file a police report. 

Why is a different courier used than what I chose?

We reserve the right to change couriers in your best interest. When the shipping option you selected is unavailable or if there’s a faster option, we will choose the best option. We will not downgrade your shipping.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide and offer shipping rates for all countries.

How much is shipping?

We offer different rates based on the weight of the parcel. In Canada and the USA, we offer free shipping on orders with a subtotal of $250CAD or higher.

What shipping couriers do you use?

To Canada we ship ICS Courier, Canpar, UPS, Purolator, or Canada Post. 

To the USA we ship UPS.

To the rest of the world we ship UPS, DHL or FedEx.

Product Questions

What is the difference between FDA Batch Certified and FDA Approved dyes?

FDA certification applies only to products being used and sold in the USA.

FDA batch certified dyes have been approved for use in soak-in or leave-on products (Bath Bombs, bubble bath, cosmetics, lotions etc.) in the USA. This means you can use them in all bath product applications, including soak-in and rinse off. 

FDA approved dyes are dyes that have been approved for use but only in products that will be rinsed off shortly after use (Soaps, Scrubs etc). These dyes are not approved for use in soak-in products (Bath Bombs, bubble bath, cosmetics, lotion etc.) in the USA.

The importance is making sure to use only Batch Certified dyes in your Bath bombs or other products that will be in your bath water.

If you are in Canada or any other country, FDA certification does not necessarily apply to the regulations you are to follow unless you are selling your products in the USA. It is up to you to ensure you are following health regulations within the areas you are selling your products.

Why is my jar of dye a different colour than what I ordered?

Krazycolours are super-concentrated with a high dye load. For this reason, the colour can appear different when dry or in larger amounts. To test the true colour of your dye sprinkle a small amount into a glass of water.

Why is my jet black dye chunkier than other dyes?

Our jet black dye comes naturally in a coarse consistency. When using it we recommend making a paste with hot water. You can grind it more fine to dissolve easier but it is not necessary.

Why is my jet black dye not turning black?

Jet black is more tricky to use than other dyes. For best results, make a paste using a small amount of boiling water and your desired amount of dye.

When mixing it into your bath bomb solution, rub the mix vigorously between your hands while applying pressure. This will make the black colour come alive.

What is a hybrid dye?

Krazycolours hybrid dyes are the perfect solution for bath bomb makers. They contain the perfect mix of water-soluble dye and lake. The lake will give your bath bomb the vibrant colour when out of water, and the water-soluble dye will give you beautifully coloured bath water.

What’s the difference between Bio Glitter and Eco Glitter?

Bio Glitter, or Biodegradable Glitter is made up of biodegradable components and will biodegrade completely over time when introduced to elements including water and microorganisms.

Eco Glitter may not fully breakdown but is safe for use in bath products and not harmful to the environment.

What is the difference between a 3D printed mold and a Plastic Hand Mold?

3D printed molds are made using a 3D printer to create a 3-piece mold that will give you a 3-dimensional bath bomb with details on all sides.

Plastic Hand molds lay flat and are made with a thick plastic that is vacuum formed over a resin cast of your desired shape. These will give you a bath bomb with a flat back and the shape on the other side.

Account Questions

Where can I find my KrazyPoints?

Look for the little Fairy crown on our Homepage to log-in and use your KrazyPoints.

How do I earn KrazyPoints?

After you've created an account and logged in, you will automatically earn KrazyPoints with every purchase. You will also receive a sign up bonus and KrazyPoints on your birthday. You will earn 6 KrazyPoints for every $1 spent!

How do I use my KrazyPoints?

After logging in to your KrazyPoints account, you can generate a unique 1-time code to redeem any amount of KrazyPoints you'd like. You will get $1 off for every 250 KrazyPoints earned!