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Shea Nut Butter (Low Melt)


Shea nut butter is an ideal ingredient used throughout the cosmetic industry in the manufacturing of skin creams, lotions and make-up. Its physical properties allow it to easily absorb into the skin promoting skin elasticity; and will not leave an oily or greasy residue typical of many oils.

Shea nut butter is a great natural emollient and can be used to treat dry skin and hair. It contains a high level of vitamins A, E, F and oleic fatty acid. Shea nut olein may help with skin irritations and is especially favorable for massage therapists in hot oil treatments.

Also known as shea nut olein and fractionated shea nut butter, this is semi-liquid at room temperature with a golden yellow appearance and bland aroma. Shea nut butter (low melt) is produced by heating up shea nut butter to separate the fractionated and non-fractionated makeup of the material.


Shea Nut Butter (Low Melt), may contain citric acid