Patchouli - Premium Fragrance Oil

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Patchouli fragrance oil is a ‘60s flashback! It’s been the musky incense of choice for years in the counter-culture, and it’s in style. You can almost hear the sitar music!


Patchouli fragrance oil smells spicy, woody, and musky. Its sweet and earthy aroma is mixes well with scents like frankincense, cedarwood, jasmie, rose, and vanilla.


Use patchouli fragrance oil as the base scent in soaps and perfumes.


About Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are synthetic oils commonly used to create body lotions, candles, and soaps, as well as perfumes and mists. When well-sealed and stored out of direct sunlight, a fragrance oil can have a shelf life of about one year, though many will last longer.


Fragrance Oil Grades

There are three main grades of fragrance oils: premium grade, manufacturer’s grade, and body oils. Premium grades oils are skin-safe and are used for melt and pour soap bases, cold processed soaps, all candle waxes (including soy wax), bath products, sea salts, and incense sticks. Premium grade oils are very fragrant, requiring less oil for scenting bath and body creations.


Manufacturers grade oils can be used like premium oils, but cannot be used in soy wax candles. It should not be applied directly to the skin, but it can be when blended with other ingredients.


Body oils are not intended to be used in creating bath and body products and candles, but can be used on the skin.