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"No Sweat" Clear Soap Base - Melt & Pour


Easily make your own soap bars specially for humid conditions or zero packaging with no sweat melt and pour soap base.

Formulated to reduce the amount of sweating for finished products, Crystal NS enables users to display soap bars without sweat imperfections and also provides vegan and cruelty-free claims.

  • Reduce soap sweating on bars
  • Finished soaps can be unwrapped
  • Great for high moisture conditions
  • Great foaming properties
  • Vegan and cruelty free compliant

1. Open the packaging and safely cut the soap base into small cubes. This will make the soap easier to melt.

2. Gradually heat the soap base ensuring that the soap melts fully but does not boil over.

3. Mix gently ensuring that any fragrance or additives* you have added are evenly distributed throughout the soap base. *Use up to 2% additives

4. Working quickly, pour your soap base into your soap mould.