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Fizz Fairy Premium Whipped Soap Frosting Base



Experience the perfect whipped soap topping base ready to go! All you have to do is melt it down in a microwave using 30 second bursts, add Fizz Fairy Premium fragrances , KrazyColours liquid dyes and whip it. Thats it! Achieve perfect whipped soap topping everytime using our special in house Premium formula. Velvety, creamy and luxurious are just a few words used to describe this new amazing product. Get your soap topping to pipe smooth and harden 100% of the time! If you by chance over whip or take too long to pipe your product and it hardens… no worries!! Melt it down again in 30 second bursts and whip again It’s that easy! No  more fussing with hard to pipe topping. 

Watch it in action in our Youtube Video: EASY Fizz Fairy Whipped Soap Frosting plus Indent 3D Mold Demo - YouTube

Featured Ingredients: Non-GMO & Sustainable Palm, Stearic Acid, cocobetaine, glycerine, CSI, distilled water, optiphen plus.

Please note: If frosting in multi layers wIll extend drying time. To speed up drying time we suggest frosting your loaf once it’s removed from the mold. Cutting your loaf into slices then frosting it will also help speed up drying time.