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Jet Black Krazycolour FDA Approved Dye


Premium commercial grade water soluble dye. Gorgeous black granular dye. This dye can be  difficult but once you've achieved it you will be in love....Grinding it may make it easier to dissolve but is not required. 

CI Number: 50420 

Additional applications for this black water soluble dye include: 

Soaps - Melt & Pour , cp, frosting, bubble bars and more...

*** This dye is granular and best dissolved in hot water then left to cool before adding to your bathbomb mix.*** 

*Approved in Canada without restrictions
 Non Batch Certified


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Crap Company.

I bought a few things during christmas and found out the same day I could get cheaper prices from a different website, I emailed them to cancel. I never heard anything and so I sent 2 more emails. They then told me people came into the office to ship things out and I was too late. They then later on told me they caught it before it went out but to cancel they would charge me 20% restocking fee. I shouldn't have to pay a restocking fee if they read my email first before packing it up. They proceeded to tell me its cause they came into the office to ship things during Christmas but never checked email. I won't ever do business here and will stick to companies like the flaming candle or makesy.

Makenzie Angeles
Tricky but pretty outcome

This dye is the most tricky one I’ve used so far. It doesn’t like to dissolve in hot water and it’s a lot of trial and error. But after many trial and errors I’m happy with this batch! Beautiful color. (Also used in picture a candy apple red embed for Halloween bath bomb vibe)