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Fizz Fairy Fan Club

It pays to be a Fizz Fairy Fanatic!

Are you a huge fan everything Fizz Fairy? If you love our products and can't stop talking about them, you can get paid for your support!

We want to show you our appreciation for continuing to support us and sharing us with your community.

By referring us to people within your communities, we will give you $5 in Krazy Points for each positive, real comment you post about Fizz Fairy. (Up to $25 worth of Krazy Points per month.) Easy money, right?

How it works:

To take part in this program, you only need to do 3 things:

  • Sign up for Krazy Points
  • Post real and positive comments to Facebook/Instagram posts on why you recommend us
  • Send the screen shot to

Each qualifying comment referring to us will earn you $5 in Krazy Points up to $25 in a month!


  1. Customer must be signed up for Krazy Points
  2. Leave real, genuine comments about why you love us and suggest us. Comments offering  “Fizz Fairy” will not qualify. Please include a reason.
  3. One credit offered per post. (Multiple comments on the same post will only count as one referral)
  4. Total of 5 separate comments totaling $25 Krazy Points per month. 
  5. Krazy Points for the month will be awarded at the end of each month.

Customers must send all screenshots of their comments to in order to be seen and counted.