Premium Fragrance Oils

Shop Fizz Fairy Krazycolours Inc.'s extensive line of premium fragrance oils for use in bath bombs, soaps, lotions, candles, room scents, and more. We offer a variety of famously known fragrances for use as bath bomb fragrance oils. Whether you're in need of premium fragrance oils for bath bombs or premium candle fragrance oils, our selections offer aromas for any recipe. From fruit loops to summer ocean air, our premium fragrance oils have endless scent options for everyone. Not sure what scent to include in your bath bomb recipe? Consider conducting fragrance experiments. Mix and match some of your favorite scents to create the most unique and unforgettable smell for your bath bomb or candle creations. With so many premium fragrance oils to try, there’s plenty of creative soap formulas to invent. Browse some of our favorite infused perfumes and oil fragrances in our selection below.