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How to make Massage Candles

How to make Massage Candles

Enjoy massage candles as a nourishing massage treatment with added moisturizing benefits. Massage candles are candles made up of mostly soft nourishing oils with a small amount of Nature Eco C-3 Soya wax. To use your own homemade massage candles, simply light the wick and use the melted oil for massages. 

Massage candles are made up of Shea nut butter, Jojoba oil, and Cocoa Butter which are all known to hydrate and nourish the skin. Each of these natural oils also boost moisture and have anti inflammatory properties to help soothe skin.

Here you will learn to quickly and easily make your own homemade massage candles with minimal equipment. You will only need a glass measuring cup, stiring utensil, digital scale, instant thermometer (or temp. gun), microwave and a hair blower (or heat gun).


Using a microwave melt your Cocoa Butter and Eco C3 wax together, stirring in 30 second intervals. While hot, stir in the low melt shea nut butter and then the jojoba oil. At 125F, stir in some essential oil. When the mixture cools just below 100°, heat your pre-wicked containers with the heat gun and pour the oil evenly into all of them. Wait atleast 24 hours to use or up to 72 for best results.


*Ounces is refering to weight and not fluid volume, in this case.


  • Glass measuring cup
  • Stiring utensil
  • Digital scale
  • Instant thermometer (or temp. gun)
  • Microwave
  • Hair blower (or heat gun).


  1. Get all ingredients on your workstation along with the necessary equipment. Place the glass measuring cup on the scale and press the 'tare' button to equal zero.
  2. Measure 6 ounces Deoderized Cocoa Butter into the measuring cup. Press the 'tare' button to equal zero again. Measure in 8 ounces Eco C3 Soya Wax to the same measuring cup.
  3. Melt the mixture in the microwave, removing to stir every 30 seconds until just melted.
  4. When melted, stir in the 8 ounces of Shea Nut Butter (Low Melt) until fully incorporated. Then, stir in the 6 ounces of Jojoba Oil until fully incorporated.
  5. While waiting for the wax to cool, you can dip each of your Cotton Wicks into the mixture and secure them to the middle of your candle jars. 
  6. Using a thermometer, wait until the oil mixture gets down to 125F and add your 1 tsp. Essential Oil. You can use any essential oil or mixture of your choice equaling 1 tsp. 
  7. Using a thermometer again, wait until the oil mixture gets to 100F and begin heating up your candle jars with the heat gun. 
  8. Pour your melted mixture evenly into each of the jars to fill them up. You can use something to keep the wick centred in the jar as best as possible.
  9. Allow the candles to sit and cure for at least 24 hours or up to 72 hours for best results.

How to use:

Light the wick and carefully pour out the melted oil to use as a gentle massage oil. 


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