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Fragrance Fan Club Subscription


Aprils "Life In Full Bloom" Box Ships out April 1st!

If you're a fragrance oil fanatic that loves getting their hands on new and exclusive fragrance oils this is the subscription for you! 

Joining a fragrance oil subscription box that offers exclusive and new fragrance oils is a great way to discover new scents and elevate your fragrance game. By subscribing, you will receive a variety of high-quality fragrance oils that you may not have access to otherwise. Additionally, you can expand your collection without breaking the bank. With each shipment, you'll have the opportunity to try new scents and find your new signature fragrance. This subscription is convenient, affordable, and an exciting way to enhance your fragrance collection! 

How often do I get a box? 

You will receive a box once every 60 days. 

What do I get in my box? 

You will receive a total of 4 fragrance oils per box, 2 oz each. 

You will get at least 2 new and unreleased fragrance oils. And 2 fragrance oils that are in our current library. The fragrances chosen will all complement each other and/or fit a theme.  

Will I know what is coming in my fragrance subscription box?

Nope! We are keeping what fragrance oils are coming in these boxes a secret- they're that good! We will be putting out information on specific themes each box fits.

I want to subscribe, but I don't like surprises. Can I know what fragrances are coming?

No problem! Shoot us an email at and we will let you know what fragrances are going to be featured. 

I want to make a one-time purchase only, can I?

No worries! Please select the one-time purchase option for the month you would like to purchase. You will only be charged for one box, and you will not receive reoccurring boxes.

What if I choose a box that hasn't shipped yet?

Boxes purchased ahead of time will only ship once the selected month arrives. No boxes will be allowed to ship early.

When will my box ship? 

Boxes will ship the first week of the months below. 

What does the subscription schedule look like? 

June - 1st box ships. (Sunny Salsa Theme) SOLD OUT

August- 2nd box ships. (BBQ on the Lake Theme) 

October- 3rd box ships. (Hillbilly and Hay Bales Theme) 

December- 4th box ships. (To be determined)

Can I combine my box with an order to save on shipping?

Unfortunately, all subscription boxes will be sent as individual units and will not be able to be combined. 

How is shipping charged? 

A standard shipping rate of $18.50CAD is charged for the subscription box.

If you choose to check out with the subscription box, AND other items, you will be charged separately for shipping at checkout for the two services. We are unable to combine regular items with the subscription boxes.

If you place an order with both a subscription box and other items, your regular items will ship within 1-4 business days. Your subscription box will ship as per our shipping schedule. 

When will I be charged?

You will be charged on the 1st of each month that the subscription boxes ship. Example: June 1, August 1, October 1, December 1. You will only be charged once every 60 days.

How much is shipping? 

Your shipping rate will show on the checkout screen. Each time a box ships, the shipping charge will be charged as well. 

 I loved a fragrance in my box, can I get more?

We will be selling the fragrance oils released in these boxes on our website 3 weeks after we send out the subscription boxes. This gives time for our subscribers to receive their boxes and give some feedback. Please note there are limited quantities of each fragrance oil.