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Incoming Summer Fragrances at Fizz Fairy!

The wait is almost over! Our fragrances should be here any day. Here is what we have coming in that is NEW for the summer! 

Apple Jolly Rancher 

Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher

Grape Jolly Rancher

Chocolate Mint 

Peach Ring Candy

Sea Salt and Agave: 

Top -Green agave cactus note, ocean air

Middle -Sea spray note, sea salt

Bottom -Driftwood, sea moss

White Sand Beaches:

Top -Watery notes, sea salt notes

Middle -Tiare flower, lavender

Bottom -Driftwood, grapefruit

Beach Sage and Mint: 

Top -Fresh Mint, Bergamot

Middle -Sage

Bottom -Apple, Musk, Ozone

Crackling Bonfire: 

Top -Pine, Balsam, Bergamot

Middle -White Flowers, Sandalwood

Bottom -Patchouli, Violet

Sand in your shorts: 

Top -Mango

Middle -Papaya

Bottom -Coconut, Vanilla

Citrus Sandalwood:

Top -Lemon

Middle -Warm Sandalwood

Bottom -Citrus Zest

Bergamot Waters:

Top -Bergamot, citruses

Middle -Sandalwood

Bottom -Sugar cane

Mango Berry Tea:

Top -Mango, Currant, Bergamot, Key Lime

Middle -Ozone, Passionfruit, Papaya, Magnolia Blooms

Bottom -Vanilla

Champagne Toast:

Top -Sparkling Champagne

Middle -Fresh Berries

Bottom -Tangerine

Pink Mimosa:

Top -Sparkling Champagne

Middle -Fresh Berries

Bottom -Tangerine